How to use

IS IT DIFFICULT TO PUT? It is really easy. Just follow the easy instruction, put the cups naturally over your breast and once they are in the right position, just button the central clasp. Every woman can wear this bikini, Follow the instructions below if you need more help.

  1. Clean your breasts with soap and water.
  2. Make sure that the area is dry and don’t use any cream or cosmetic on the zone before putting.
  3. Remove the protective Plastic from the adhesive gel and suit the bikini over your breasts. Unzip the clasp. For a better push up effect, raise and hold your breasts before putting the cup.
  4. Button the central clasp to push your breast each other.
  5. Place the bra on a higher position of the breasts, to make your breast look magnificent, or place the two bras at a distance, to enhance the effect of cleavage.

IS IT DIFFICULT TO TAKE OFF? Absolutely not. It is almost the same as to take off a normal bra. Start on the sides or from the top to the bottom and it will easily remove. This adhesive gel has been certificated and tested. Totally skin friendly. Remind after using to top up the protective Plastic for a perfect use the next times.

The gel is totally hypoallergenic, it was specially developed for the contact of every Kind of skin. No problems with your body. You won’t feel any strange texture or touch on your body, because the gel will stay in your bikini.