The clothes are designed and handmade elaborated based on the traditional artisan, with the highest quality, plenty of exclusive and unique detail, in every accessory, crystal and element…with perfect finish that will power the inner elegance.

We use a special technique with internal seams and lining in the fabric that empathizes the shapes of the swimming-wears designed for stylizing the female shape with elegance. We complete the creation with elastics and linings non deformable that gets to adapt perfectly to every body shape.

Frambosia uses the highest quality, creating a particular and own identity and style in every cloth and each bikini.

For elaborating all our clothes, the best fabrics in the world have been selected. Italian fabrics, just to offer the best swimming wear fashion. Every stone, crystal and detail has been handmade assembled in our tailor in Prague. We tried our best in each finish and stitch to achieve the best results.