Inspiration, dedication, a special attention to the details and the know-how of the experience mixed with passion – these are the ingredients of Frambosia. A splash of color, a stroke of blue, pink or black, a bit of 24 k plating shapes, crystals and stones, and we get it. It is a daring design choice. The effect is a bright and bold design with just the right amount of spice. Modern garments, designs on the cutting-edge and an exquisite use of details and accessories, simple and fluid lines of thin gauges and mixture of materials make the difference. We try to distinguish ourselves by a single spirit, taking maximum care of details, challenging the viewer.

We created the exclusivity of a different product that cannot be found anywhere. Golden details and colorful stones. Whether at the back, the neck or the front, a golden detail, and colorful stones or crystals, sets the stage for a glimpse of fine and dazzling design, especially when there are lights involved. When you see Frambosia products the expectations of high quality, detailed finishing and luxurious feel will all be met as you touch and try-on these products for the first time, and every time thereafter. The design, the style and the finish are key words for creating a difference in the market.

To produce a product of the highest quality and standards is very important. This is only made possible by designing every piece with the attention to detail in mind. Therefore, one of the signs of our identity is the attention to all details we apply to the product. That is the reason that we in every process of the production are looking for perfection in every part. The selection and choice of our raw materials forms the base of a well finished product. We only use raw materials of the highest standard. The “inside” of every piece and of every garment well finished supports our stamp of creating the best quality in the product.

The selection process of each item is long and delicate in most cases, as we are always committed to excellence and truly unique pieces for its, design, exclusivity and, above all, that meet the highest quality standards. We carefully select high-quality fabrics and threads to create every beachwear. Hand-done appliqués can give a garment that extra detail that takes it from pretty to breathtaking. Our garments feature appliqués arranged into beautiful designs and attached by hand. All our bikinis are fully lined and structured to hold their shape and flatter your figure. We look for vibrant colors, beautiful sheen and rich textures in every material that goes into your swimwear.

A lining elegant bag, decorated in golden and plastic accompany every Frambosia product. The value of a job well done is the motivation for constantly improving our quality control systems, so we can detect and rectify anything below our high standard. But not only do we pay attention to every single detail in our products. Our clients are a key point. At this point our social media channels become crucial. We don’t design them to sell but to listen to and generate confidence. Those are the best way to better know our customer.