Adhesive technology

This technology will amaze you with its results and the simplicity of its effortless use.

This adhesive innovation is only a component that is supported by an exquisite design and only the highest quality fabrics handcrafted to provide you with a new concept of the bikini. Now the straps are optional.

The internal part of the bikini top that contacts directly with the body is covered with a special silicone that is transparent, developed and tested for the perfect use on the human skin. This gel always keeps its adhesive capacity.

We’ve innovated and discovered the secret to offer you the perfect bikini. Re-enforced with a special adhesive polymer, regenerated for using up to 200 times; this will allow the bikini top to adhere to the skin with a nice feeling, and remove easily and comfortably. The results are more than good, they are ideal! The adhesive special silicone will self-activate and regenerate after each washing, keeping all the strength as if it was the first use. You don’t need to do anything other than following the easy steps on the care manual and you will always have the best results. Strap lines from the ordinary bikini are now a thing of the past.

It is time to get that ideal tan! Every woman desires to feel attractive, age is not important; it is something implicit in the fabric of femininity. Frambosia offers this feeling, and enhances it with push up effect tops, which will empower even more your sensations.

The times of laying face-down, untied straps so that you may have a lineless back tan are over… now you can take a nice walk or enjoy the water and still tan easily. You will quickly appreciate the result, and relish in the comfort; with or without straps. Because you don’t need the straps anymore to fix and hold your bikini top.